What is an Incubator?

To simply define it, an Incubator is a device you can use to put your eggs in and the end result is you will get live chicks coming out of it. In a natural setting and before Incubators were invented this device was a so called Indigenous or Local Chicken. Now the correct Acronym is not an Incubator but it’s actually called a SETTER and we have gotten used to this word Incubator. Incubators come in 2 different models and are called FULLY AUTOMATIC or MANUAL TURNING.


What this simply means is that the Eggs that you set will be turned by the Setter (we will be using the correct Acronym where and when we can) automatically to a preset limit. Always this will be done for you by Incubators Malawi if you happen to buy the Setter from us along with all other presets required for your Setter to run smoothly.



 What this means is that you need to turn the eggs by yourself either by hand if it’s a small size and if it’s a bigger size there will be a Lever to do so and you need to do this at-least every 4 hours or so. In nature you will observe your Indigenous/Local Chicken doing this and the main reason for this is that the Egg Yolk if not kept centered on the Egg it will get stuck to the Egg Shell and then this in return will form Chicks with Deformities as well as they will find it hard to break-out of the Egg Shell and also you will find Chicks born with the Shell still stuck to them.

Ok now that we are clear what is what, let’s continue.