Helping Industrialize Malawi

We can help you start a poultry business with little capital. The Profits are Huge and Returns are Quick

Have you ever thought of starting your own business? Do you have an idea of what business you want to do? Have you ever thought of a poultry business? If not, then this is an answer to your way towards becoming your own boss and creating generous profits.

Incubators Malawi manufactures and suppliers of commercial equipment for the poultry industry ranging from Commercial Egg Setters/Incubators, Hatchers and we also Stock Poultry Feeders and Drinkers. We can help you start your own Egg Hatchery Business and with very little investment but quick returns in a span of 17 days for Quails to 21 days for Chicken.

This is a business that requires no specialized knowledge, anyone can start it since we will provide you with the Equipment, Training and Support to start and realize the profits from the 21st day onwards. The demand for chicken is increasingly becoming higher for home use, hotels, restaurants, schools, super markets, catering firms and to companies. The market is huge and the demand for chicken in Malawi is huge, since chicken meat is the fastest growing proteins of all proteins.

This is a business you can start at home and grow big to industrial scale. It’s a business through which you will make money and create jobs to others.