Our Clients

We have achieved an incredible 100% customer satisfaction and we continue to deliver custom per client needs Incubators, training and any consultancy work with passion for the difference we are making. Here are just few of our clients. Our happy clients;

Ernest Chikonga

Bought his 300 Chicken / 500 Quail Eggs Hybrid Incubator that can run on 12 Volt or 220 Volt or Solar

Adelaide Lemani

Bought her 720 Eggs Incubator from the one and only Incubators Malawi.

Chris Fasaki

Bought his 1260 Eggs Incubator from the one and only Incubators Malawi.

Lucy Gondwe

Extremely Happy Customer got her 1260 Egg Hatching Incubator



 How to know if your Eggs are Fertile?  The easiest way to tell if an egg is fertilized is called 'Candling the egg'. It is literally holding an egg up to a lit candle and make sure you don’t want to...

How to start a poultry business

INCUBATORS MALAWI Helping Industrialize Malawi We can help you start a poultry business with little capital. The Profits are Huge and Returns are Quick Have you ever thought of starting your own bu...

What is an incubator? Simple definition

What is an Incubator? To simply define it, an Incubator is a device you can use to put your eggs in and the end result is you will get live chicks coming out of it. In a natural setting and before In...

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